RTA 2012 - 23rd International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications

Visas and Travel Information



RTA 2012 participants from most countries won't need a visa, but please check the following information.

* Exemption of Visas
* Guide to Japanese Visas

About Nagoya

Nagoya is located at the center of Honshu (the main island of Japan) with a population of 2.24 million. Thanks to the rich water resources of the Kisogawa, Nagaragawa and Ibigawa Rivers, the fertile land which enjoy the blessings of the rivers, and other advantages including good transportation links, its people have lived affluent lives since early days.

Nagoya has a long history and is the birthplace of three notable feudal lords, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu. Also in Nagoya, traditional industries like ceramics and textiles, and today's key industries like automobiles, aviation and machine tools have developed, and Nagoya has an important role in Japan's industrial society.

Furthermore, the Central Japan International Airport (Centrair) opened in February 2005, and in March 2005, Expo 2005 Aichi Japan started. Centrair has flight connections with Frankfurt, Helsinki, Detroit, Tokyo Narita, etc. Today, Nagoya grabs attention and keeps on developing as a Japanese international city.

Travel Information to Nagoya University (Higashiyama Main Campus)

* Train and Subway connections can be looked up using the JNTO travel planner
* Train and Subway map is found in Access to Nagoya University

From Central Japan International Airport (Centrair, NGO)

* From "Chubu Kokusai Airport" station to "Kanayama(Aichi)" station by Meitetsu Train
  • Fare: 790yen
  • Mu-Sky Ltd.Exps are recommended because they are fast and have luggage space, Mu-ticket (350 yen as sur-charge) is necesarry, which includes seat reservation.
  • 24 minutes by Mu-Sky Ltd.Exp., 32 minutes by Ltd.Exp., 40 minutes by Exp., 43 minutes by Semi.Exp. and more than 60 minutes by local train.
  • Time table from airport (Mon-FriSat,Sun)
  • Time table to airport (Mon-FriSat,Sun)
* From "Kanayama (Aichi)" station to "Nagoya Daigaku" station by Subway
  • Subway route map.
  • Kanayama and Nagoya Daigaku are represented as M01 and M18, respectively on the map.
  • By Meijo line (loop-line) colored purple, it takes 20 minutes by using lower arc with fare 260 yen.

From Nagoya station (Subway route map)

* From "Nagoya" station to "Nagoya Daigaku" station via "Motoyama" station
  • By Higashiyama line colored yellow and Meijo line colored purple, it takes 20 minutes.

From Kansai International Airport (KIX)

* Fare: about 7,500 yen
* From "Kansai Airport" station to "Shin-Osaka" station by JR
  • 50 minutes by Haruka Limited Express.
* From "Shin-Osaka" station to "Nagoya" station by JR-shinkansen
  • 50 minutes by Nozomi Super Express or 70 minutes by Hikari Super Express.
* From "Nagoya" station to "Nagoya Daigaku" station (See above)

From Kobe (FLOPS)

* From "Shin-Kobe" station to "Nagoya" station by JR-Shinkansen
  • 67 minutes by Nozomi Super Express or 87 minutes by Hikari Super Express.

Additional Travel Information to Official Hotels

Mielparque Nagoya

* Near JR/Subway "Chikusa" station
* JR is convenient between "Kanayama(Aichi)" station and "Chikusa" station

Hotel Ruote-Inn Nagoya Imaike Ekimae

* Near Subway "Imaike" station

JR pass

* Japan Rail Pass provides almost unlimited travel on the national JR (train) network.
* This pass has to be purchased outside Japan.
* Validation is necessary before use. (list of Stations with JAPAN RAIL PASS exchange offices)


* Manaca is a single card that combines train tickets and electronic money.
* Covers Subway, City Bus and Meitetsu Train.

Useful Links

* Official travel agency: Nippon Travel Agency
* Nagoya Sightseeing: Nagoya Convention and Visitors Vureau, JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization), Japanese Lifestyle
* Train and Subway connections: JNTO travel planner