RTA 2012 - 23rd International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications

RTA 2012 Business Meeting

17:00- Wednesday May 30

  1. Report from the RTA 2012 PC chair (by Ashish Tiwari)
  2. Report from the RTA 2012 Conference chair (by Masahiko Sakai)
  3. Report on RTA 2013 (by Hans Zantema)
  4. Report on the RTA open problem list (by Hans Zantema)
  5. Report on ISR 2012 (by Salvador Lucas)
  6. Report on the 1st Confluence Competition (CoCo) (by Takahito Aoto)
  7. Proposal for RTA 2014 location and Conference Chair
  8. Proposal for RTA 2014 PC chair
  9. Change in the bylaws (by Georg Moser)
  10. RTA SC renewal
  11. Policy change in LICS'12: what impact on RTA? (by Frederic Blanqui)
  12. Towards a merge of RTA and TLCA from 2014? (by Frederic Blanqui, Georg Moser, and Joachim Niehren)
  13. Suggestions by the attendees